Who is Emma?

Hi there!
How are you today?
In case you are wondering who I am or what I do, here is a little bit more about me.
I am a West Australian based Goal Success Coach, NLP Practitioner and Master Life Coach. 
What does that mean? I am a Mindset & Direction Coach for  women in small business, in particular mums trying to juggle it all (You!).
Are you ready to create a business you love and live your best life?
Do you crave freedom and flexibility?
Let’s chat about how we can work together to cultivate, nurture and grow a business that you love, that is aligned with life to leave you fulfilled.

I'm a mum in business too,

I get how hard it is

I am a rural Wife and Mum to three beautiful humans, three dogs, horses and foals, pony, chickens and some sheep. We live together in a very small town, can't really call it a town,  south of Perth in Western Australia. Originally from England, where I started my career, I moved to Western Australia in 2006. I fell in love with the lifestyle, climate, the country and the attitude of getting sh!t done. And then I fell in love with a true blue Aussie cowboy!

I started 2 businesses mid 2020. Yep! right in the midst of COVID. One business with my husband and my own.

I am a certified NLP Practitioner and a Business Success Coach, I help mums realise their potential by guiding them to manage themselves and create systems and routines to support them. 

I'm also a mum, juggling life while empowering others to create a thriving, sustainable business that positively blends with family life.

My passion is in supporting other mums in business, striving to attain work-life balance and avoid burnout.

With over 20 years of experience in corporate and small business management, I still lost my way and fell into the trap of exhaustion and overwhelm, trying to do it all.

Having now blended my personal values with my business goals, set up systems and processes to support me, I successfully navigate mum life with running 2 businesses from home in under 3 days a week.

If you would like to know how I made it happen, and how you too can make more time in your day, let's chat.

My mission is simple.

To empower women to succeed in business, align their values with their goals and grow a thriving sustainable life.



I love being a Mum, But...

I always felt I needed something for me. I tried network marketing, a few different side hustles, made some great friends but didn’t ignite that passion I was looking for.

Always on the hunt for more, as a family we took off to run a Cattle Station and Tourism Enterprise in the remote Kimberley in NW Australia

We made some amazing memories, that we will cherish forever, but the role left me burnt out. I was missing being a Mum. I was guilty. I was failing.

I was lost



Once we came back home, slowing down during COVID, I was lost again as 2 of my kids went off to school, rather than me home schooling through School of the Air.

I no longer had a career, I didn’t want to work for someone else and had to find me again.

That's when in 2020 I started my business at the same time as we started a family business.

Yes! Crazy right! 2 new businesses right in the middle of a pandemic.

While running a Rural Contracting business with my husband I began my own business, a passion project to support other mums who may be going through what I had or perhaps I could save them before they slipped off the curb.

Bringing my passion, my success and failures together, to help other women, trying to have it all, work out a way for business and life to be in harmony, TO BLEND.

It is my dream to work with women, with mums, to help them align all the important pillars of life. To nurture our lifestyle while thriving on the challenge of building a sustainable, fulfilling and successful business.

Whether you have a business established, a side hustle, hobby or dream let me partner with you to make the magic happen.

So many mums have the talent to create a successful business, a business that gives you freedom and choice. I am here to ensure your mind knows it and to ensure you get out of your own way.

Together we will create an aligned strategic plan of action, so that your values, vision, business goals and life priorities all work in cohesive action.

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