Workshops & Events

Virtual (live or pre-recorded) or in person subject to location

I love tailoring workshops to you, your business or your club. Hey, I have even done a session for a Mothers Group.


The vibe is amazing when in person, but in todays climate they are more often virtual. But we can still make the absolute most of that time together.

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"Thank you again, your insights and guidance last week really helped me gain some perspective and make some big decisions that will bring me and my business forward" 


Today I spoke with Em about how I can better help my ideal clients in regards to the services I offer. I also mentioned my limiting belief around self worth and confidence and how I’ve been struggling with this most of my life. 

 When then dived into an exercise of re-writing this limiting belief and how I can replace it with a new belief. This was absolutely enlightening to experience as I now have a tool to help me when this belief pops up again.  

Thank you Em for being such a supportive friend. I am grateful for the quality and value you provide to mums in business like me.


"I run a membership group for Virtual Assistants in Australia, Emma is an incredibly valued member who is always generously sharing her valuable knowledge around mindset, values & time management. I invited Emma to come and deliver a workshop for our members to which she gracefully accepted. Emma put together a workshop that aimed to help our members understand how they could overcome fear of failure, understand what success looks like for them & how aligning their goals with their values is key to driving their success. 

Emma broke down complex neuroscience (I think that’s the right word?) into bite sized, practical and actional steps that had the entire “room” cohesively experience numerous AH-HA moments! As a result of the workshop our members have learned the skills and strategies needed to overcoming limiting beliefs, and setting goals with intention that aligns with their values. Thanks Emma! I love everything you do & can’t wait to see what the future holds for you!"


"You need to put yourself on the waitlist for Em & Co Consulting next Empowering Her workshop! Emma really changed my life so dramatically and positively!! Even just following her on tips and tricks for everyday life will help"

 "Honestly Em, if it wasn’t for you, I would not have had the courage to know my boundaries and understand my worth. I can honestly not express how much I am grateful for all of your help and guidance these last few months"